Brinesanity – an abide jar, filled with all the fuqs given.


Trixa apo…

…do you think she had anything to do with shaping a nation?

It is spelt differentlly, but it smells the same. You know, that smell, that gasoline smell, smells like – victory.

The concept is a simple one, not involving some kind of hidden mystery, if you know the meaning behind the concept of the word moonie (moyni).

Allow me to illustrate, that is the alliteration of the Greek word for pussy. A Greek word for it in fact, as there are many. One could only imagine, the list is large. Horny, obsessed Greek’s can imagine a lot of words, including the slang. Almost a word for every Euro Dollar owed to Germany.

As such, the phrase then means “hair from a pussy”. The completed wisdom jewel is literally “a hair from a pussy can pull a ferry/cruise ship/freight liner”.

Yes, another gem from the Greeks who figured this one out. Amazing the power of that hair, the strength of it, that could not only pull, but also “manipulate fate” of significant vessels, things of purpose, By using the special powers that are manifested there, cultivated over the course of a lifetime to be wire like fibres that men have lashed against rocks to acquire the blessing of. The love of. To taste the sweet elixir from the field that lays beneath this great harvested, miracle hair.

A collection of them? A bush of these are akin to the burning bush of lore. The fire will not consume the bush, it will merely use it to attract the relevant mothus moses species, and anoint them with the message that was inspired by the God that brought them to this alter of worship.

All of this time, you have been thinking about the physical side of that bush, the fact that it somehow is merely a bush, and has no other qualities of admiration. Like staring at he branches and the roots, the flowers, the leaves – the whole bush – and thinking, that is all that it is.  A beautiful bush, a beautiful hair, that came to please the eyes, and provide the carnal pleasure that is the innate human nature we all stroke in an evolution of the 10 second clips, on every subject, fetish, desire, wanton soul soups.

Have you considered the fascination from the mental side? From the cognitive, cerebral mind. The lobes that slice the fragments of time into files in a meat locker formed of bone and flesh, firing some kind of logic around, somehow? What about the fascination of considering how men are swayed to change the course of history, using “intelligent thought” that is so influenced, not by the physical presence of the hair, or the raw ability of it to form a collective chain stronger than any braided steel, but more as a result of the intellectual prowess of the beautiful women that have enhanced life, and made it the great thing that it is today.

Or is it? How confident are you, truly you, the male reader, the other version of me, like the billions that are out there. We are all part of that penis category, so we are all “alike” there. If we initiate our classification from this starting point, then we are all asked one simple defining question;

How truly happy are you that women have been part of life and the creation of modern society?

Sounds pretty simple, and most men would clearly look around, roll the eye’s and ensure their reaction is directly proportionate to the number of women in the immediate circumference.  Easy enough, yes, very confident. On that scale, I would say a 8.5/10. Well Larry, that may be actually 9.5 for me, I love the ladies and all that they have done.

That is funny. It is a lie, and it represents so much more. I can only assure you, this topic is just one of many other’s that are sitting here on the site, for discussion and introduction – for the use and the purpose of taking over two and a half decades of observations, from a professional male, an intelligent man that somehow got transformed into a block of cheese. A solid piece of being, a cultured, and confident brinesanity abider, that has many observations, that are salient, subjective, and formed on the objective actuality of life, as was, is and will be lived.

In the state of true abide, having been proudly able to declare, that yes, I am very happy, but I have a number of issues with the quality, and the concepts of “modern society” and they are random, rabid, rancid, accepting, loving, passionate, real, intelligent thoughts that are founded on logic, and the sound principles of the delivery methods, or actions we take, to ensure we are aware of where we are going.

We are aware, of where that hair, and the holder of it, the admirer of it, the forces that are impacted by it, the unknown consequences are mitigated to the best of our ability…

We are the one’s that define those miles, and how we own them.

Don’t ever try to lie to yourself about that, at the very least. Don’t try. Truly, don’t.



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