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Cumulative Momentum

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The above diagram is the second diagram, of the same title as this post. The first, is in the picture gallery on the right of the site, if you have not wandered that, you may be missing some of the foundation that I used for some international level training regarding the solutions that can change, as a result of the problems changing, and being defined as something entirely different than what they were at the outset. Interestingly enough, it subscribed to my fundamental outlook on life, but was something that I was too busy illustrating, and not spending enough time acting upon.

When we first discover problems, assuming we can at least acknowledge that they begin to happen when they do, there is a leap of faith, an awareness, you are of a sound mind, have the mental capacities to play in the game, and are willing to stretch the boundary of some conventional thought. We act according to a set of principles and adherences to ourselves that are, more often than not, dictated by others. That is to say, you will act, or behave according to the conventions that have been taught, grasped or demanded of you.

This is common sense.

This is the way of the world, and there is no one that can argue, that the above assumptions are indeed the principles by which you will look to resolve the problems, or the issues in your life. What is unique is the way that the visualization is like some kind of sticky note that demands that no one call 911.

This is a diagram of my life, and of my way of thinking, and I shall decide the length of the game the totality of that moment when an action is taken. I have become hyper-keenly aware of the repercussions of my actions, and perhaps this is a gift.

It all will be what it is, by the way that I perceive the benefit of the “gift” as a good and valued benefit, an outcome of sorts, or a bad and treacherous, ill received “curse”. In either case, it will have a next, or additional action that is relevant at that second, and so I will either dwell on this gift, or curse the existence of it, moving forward as I deal with the newest problem/issue/address simultaneously.

Else you recognize, that even if you believe, accept and act according to what I just stated, that you are going to be “moving on” anyway, so why not accept it, and look at the new conditions in front of you?

Assuming you can, of course.

Here is where the focus, the decisiveness of the way you want to handle things, and being truly honest and real about them, is what is going to make the difference in how your life is lived, and in fact, how you put a series of the above illustrations, and the combined pair of them, into the seamless tale that you create about your place, and the gulch around you.

When you discover problems, or become aware of them, your mind will naturally, through education of the human experience of living, file them into a certain category. Consider yourself one that is aware of the Hierarchy of Needs, and can file them into a certain category. It will do this over a period of time this becomes the Delta (*change, or duration period) over which you will form the actions and the opinions on these “problems”.

For the sake of simplicity, let’s assume there are three of them for now. There are 3 circles in the diagram that represent these problems.

Logic dictates now, that whether these are about business, or life, or love, or survival, or a movie you want to see, or as we all know, in living, any of these thousands and millions of “shapes” or problems we go through in our life, so any combination of them accordingly. What is unique about them all, is that they all start out as a “circle” or a bubble, and this comes the second the “circle” is acknowledged by the mind, having been given a tap on the meat mass by the senses, in ways we shall not dive into today, that is for another extension, and an obvious one at that.

(*side note – what I love about writing, reading, creating, sharing – being in the company of other’s like me and discovering a gulch of our making, and living it to the fullest – is the ability to entertain such thoughts, and have conversations of importance and relevance with the intent of making my life a better, and wealthier place, in ways, that only some truly embrace and welcome as a way that has been calling for a lifetime, but only now has been fully enabled to be open and available to the glory of the gulch.)

These 3 circles, or whatever that larger number is, are all automatically processed and change shape, even are reconsidered new characters, and for the sake of simplicity, let’s just assume we are limited to the standard QWERTY characters, and symbols available. Still hundreds of options there, and each one of them can be considered a variable. Some kind of cerebral integer that can be equated to a mathematical formula(e), to a logical argument, to a visual and symbolic depiction of facts, as based on the assumptions provided by someone, or a collection of someone’s, a group, perhaps even *gasp*…society? Yes, even society is a visual one.

*points to signs and symbols in life, smacks forehead*

In the initial diagram, we see that Circle-3 remains relatively the same, Circle-1 becomes a little smaller but remains a circle, and Circle-2 has completely changed into Triangle-B. The “state” of these problems, now has travelled along some kind of time continuum, limited or broad, defined by the relevant action (*life, sales call, school project, eating, sex, everything is a logical thought, and an internal logical argument – the challenge is the sheer number of fuqtards in the world that can not grasp it, or want to, so you must accept as a monk travelling the way of abide, that you are just going to have to watch nature be nature) and been re-assessed, instantly in fact, by the mind. The range, or the number of these types of circles and complexities will be a function of how the experiences and formal education by the proclaimed institutions of value, or the collective social conventions that we have been willing to accept as individuals, have shaped our awareness. If you are not as aware as you think others are, I can still assure you that your awareness of self, and of your own abilities, is a miracle and will require your own undivided attention to live to the fullest so let’s stay there.

How is this relevant for you?

Well, what is relevant is that you also discover Square-A, and that was not even there or part of the original 3 at all. It completely appeared, from where?

Out of the blue?

Manifested by magic?

Floated into your life by the unicorn dust that smells of Parisian can-can girls, and wines grown just for you?

No, it was something that was out there you had just not considered it in this form. You had not visualized it, as something that needed attention, in addition to the issues at hand. You thought, that if merely looked at the 3 circles, you would be ok. Your tasks at hand, your collective tasks forming hours, the unionized hours forming days of commitment, all plugged into the piggy bank of Uber-savings Inc., all forming your life and it would be ok.

Why did this “big box” have to come and bother me?
Why did it come to make me a victim?

I know, getting a little off track with some of the social commentary, but sorry, that is just kind of the way that I write, like I might speak, or engage in a conversation – and yes, there can be tangents and side walks, literally side walking or stumbling, or rambling – but fuck, life is a trip and that is the way it is, so why can my small walk off the path of logic not be seen as a pleasant divergence, I promise it will converge back to the segue way of the second picture, and how that ties back into the concept of cumulative momentum.

We got some small foundations laid with the initial picture, and explaining how all it really symbolizes the typical, knowing, aware thinker synthesizing the information that is being presented to them in life. That “they” (*shapes) are seen, then we discover what they really mean, and begin to determine their importance based on size, and impacts. We do this over a period of time, and based on our abilities to attend to the needs, values and benefits accordingly.


We have effectively gotten to the point, where you should be able to nod your head and say, yes, we have at least defined what the shapes look like and filed them into a primary system of understanding. This system begins with the living and human level, making some people more capable even here, than others. It is also founded on non-restrictive abilities, it is only a subjective classification of objective parameters that will restrict, based on the definitions of living, physically and spiritually being what is the social convention of the deemed social parameters. It includes intelligence, based on the surrounding environment, and your self and externally defined roles.

The shapes, the problems, the living acceptance of this, if one is capable of accepting, will follow this format of understanding. This applies to the physical, the cognitive and the spiritual classifications.

They all start at one point, and grow in relevance as they impact and near, and form a horizon of a future that must be considered.

Cerebral abide, allows one to take the way that you have defined things, and refines them according to two of the fundamental drivers of decisions that the innate questioning a human follows;

  • How relevant is the scope of time?
  • What actions, are to be taken, based on that time horizon and my own defined needs/benefits/results?

*Feta tangent: Seems to make a lot of sense, in fact, there would be a lot more to be said if I had the ability to move beyond this kind of introduction, and into some of my other writing and observations, and with no other regard than my own selfish interest in learning, speaking, surviving the way I want to, but I have to make a point of trying to have other’s that can appreciate what I am saying, say so, and I have to make sure I am putting my thoughts and words out there in an effort to have some of the musk attract a walking monk on our way.

In the gulch, we are all monks. There is no differentiation based on sexual organs, or sexual interests. Sapiosexual abide. There is just the gulch, and the way in, is only with intelligence and effort. They are mutually inclusive, and their parameters are not.

In the second diagram, Cerebral Abide, we see all of the actions have been placed into triangles, because they can symbolize a spearhead, or a point, a pyramid, a hierarchy, a need to get to a conclusive point, and then move on. So they are very relevant to action items. The ones that are at the front, are the one’s that are most pressing. They can be scaled, according to how they are handled in the immediate future, and either be dealt with, or moved further back for another time, when they become relevant again. In the diagram, we see that Triangle-A, T-B, and T-C all are in the “Now”. Wonder why the now is the biggest box, and it seems to be an inverted triangle of sorts? (*if I had to point this out, and you have still been following, please just close the page now…)

T-D and T-E then form the “Soon” box, and they are not only foreseeable in the near future but they remain in the back pocket, for quick access and solution or address. They are considered important enough to be on your person, or at top of mind, and like the mental checklist of your day, you can place a small mark beside them, when they too have changed shape, and are addressed. You can take a logical progression of how you would “mind-map” this stuff.

(*Me, I have decades of writing and all in hand, back in the day when we had to write outside with chisels and elk blood…ok, not really elk blood, but since my early writing took on the form of mechanical pencils and pens, graduating to my current instruments, meant all of my mind maps, decades. Form and poetry of logic, perhaps, my singular most important accomplishments to date, all of them, all of it, my own personal miracles – beautiful, to me, you can decide accordingly.*flips quarter* Pretend it is a fuck I gave, and keep it, or put in the jar with the others…)

T-F:I is a head scratcher for me. These are the targets further down the path. This is that odd parable about distance always being halved mathematically, and yet the arrow hit’s the target. We know that the there is a physical place when this number is so small that it physically occurs, and much the same way, we know that these small nagging problems that are back of mind, and not part of the now or soon boxes. They may never “hit” or come to the forefront, so we may not address them.

The putting off of these boxes, and how they are classified, and what they hold and mean – it is the difference between getting busy living, or staying busy surviving.

What – that’s it? Going to leave it at that?
Why are those boxes inverted?
What about the contents of the shapes?
Do those places, and spaces for more words and actions?
How about colors?

Can we use colors, in addition to the shapes, and in addition to the characters and in addition to the…maybe…maybe leaving it at that for now is the way I roll today…

Welcome to my world.

Just a simple man, made of cheese.
Looking around, and smiling.

Brinesanity, owning my miles.

Finding beauty in the mundane.
Shroud of foggy abide covering the peak.
Happy to be alive, enjoyin’ the ride.
Tank full of infinite logic, an eternity to glide on this rug.
So, seriously fuckin’ ties the room together.