Brinesanity – an abide jar, filled with all the fuqs given.


One small step…?

It is a small step?

It was a small undertaking, unimportant.

iGus peers from the shadows of “fiction”.

I abide.

Oh, how the truth does set one free.

Cowards need not apply, liars lay in thine grass.

No issue, I own my miles, in my gulch.

The grass is orange.

Fuck you cancer, we win…again.

μάνα, για πάντα στην καρδιά μου.




Sexcamelus Abidus and dirty water…

“Cucumbers, it is a know fact, that it turns women on.  Use Cucumber juice.”  *paraphrased, from Redemption Inc.

Sexcamelus Fetapoulos, Years ago, wrote a very wild piece on this concept, and have been batting it around for years, so now is the time to unleash some of it, and ensure that other pieces are given the chance to actually attract some more interest. you think it is just the acid in life that makes me keep changing from feta, to camel, to an abide monk. no, just life in and of itself being a trip.

She had to wonder. Would the camel’s magic cucumber help her find company. She was over joyed. It was a sexcamelus abidus on the horizon, filled with feta and joy. At long last, an oasis had company.

yeah, a sex camel sure to fuck don’t turn his nose up at dirty water. it is also known as the sexcamelus abidus, if it can have the girth and strength of extra storage for some cheese. usually a brine like cheese, creating powerful feta juices of great splendour when the days heat and arid rays seek salvation.

as long as it walks the way it should, it will all be all right.

always is.





You’re fired – lies and drunks not welcome

...you fucking burnt it all with the bridge.

No more. Cold steel is a hard truth, and i spilled no blood. The hate, and the obfuscation of reality in your contortions no longer welcome.

Full of lies, and a thief.

Nothing else I want to say, other than never in my life, will I risk my life to do anything, I don’t believe in.

Liars, cheats, thieves, drunks, stupid, ignorant people – taken all their life, no more.

Not interested, ever again.

God bless, truly, may God bless you with something to see how your life is a waste of drunken space.

Wake up and live, you may save someone more important than you, from following your disgusting footsteps.

I forgive, but I shall never care again.  What you did, how you have done it, and to still stand there and show no remorse, or any kind of sadness for what was done – over pussy, and your greed, and your ignorance…yeah…you are “owed” one thing – the vision to see how fucked you were, and to sober up.

Fuck thieves, fuck liars, fuck scammers – fuck drunks, and fuck abuse…nothing left to give, and no interest to give anything else, except a prayer.

God speed, and God bless.




Giving the Meow a Bath

oh my does this ever bring back some classic memories.

Salty Katnip



Cheap food? No, the 50% principle

So I feel like sharing how cheap I am, and had to have a laugh, when I had a quick evening beverage with a colleague in life, and he said how…I said watch. I got a pair of meals, at half price by offering a simple solution.

The place we met was a discrete, franchise, where the pints are cold, good and about 20% cheaper. So we wanted some fries, I told him we would order one, with no gravy, and each have our own plates. So I offered the server a proposition, bring the gravy he serves for free. And then I will give him 50% of that sum (*with tax) as a tip. Not on the bill.

So he brings the fries, and the one is ‘cold’ so he leaves them, comes back with two fresh plates. And the free gravies. Original fries paid, balance at 50%, and here is the beauty…no tax on gratis.

You bring manager over, commend server for attentive service, thus earning two free pints at $0 cost. Total tab. 15 bucks. Tip makes $25. Total intake 4 pints, two fries, gravies, and cheese bread. Bill with tip if real?


So def a win, and in fact, to the holier than though (*yes, in case too dense, I meant thou, with some sarcasm via text, but you are too busy smelling your finger) make sure you send the city a cheque for the parking time you got away with.

Survival of the fittest brothers and sisters, as long as the harm if anonymous…or is it?

Is this stealing? Doest thoughest casteth stoneth eh?
Then do so…afterall, this is thou Sparta.



Dilligaf poker @ 5:00 a.m

Was my alcoholic father the cause of my gambling addiction?

If one thinks decision tree, it is about the two pronged fork of black and red. This sums 3. Then you add the 4, of which are 7. Make but the 7 deadly sins and you can name each of your decisions based on a formula made of U-Fu, a deadly off shoot of ape-Fu a style so unique, it had people take math from the exponent of Fu and emotionally convex it with a momentum of self that is unique, and relative to where you are.

Never criticize another for their play, find peace in their freedom of speech, ad give the glory of math to the loving and living decisions you make-as you swing that ax in the Yale of the river, followed by the inward scream of primal fire, a reality…

Do you really think that it should be measured in dollars, or are you grabbing the madness from the skies for want of vice, not victory…all’s well, that strategy brings for fate.
Who was greater?

Those that have no respect, despite what you tell them will be cooped up all night long…but I have Alice in my life, and the rabbit hole runs deep and blank, as a canvas that changes each day chasing dime follies counted upon the digits that measure forth.
So you want to play poker, well I am not LAG, I am DIGAFP…do I give a fuck poker?

No, I just need sleep.



Not changed much, but we have still played.

9 years.



Fucking hell has poker ever changed…just not the same watching it on the screen.
The scams, the cheats, the bullshit AP/UB/FTP et al…just a cesspool.

Well fucking done, what a living…feed the sharks, and then cry about no limbs.

fuqtarded the whole lot of 'em, just can't beat the underground.

*abide fu*