Brinesanity – an abide jar, filled with all the fuqs given.


Go on, tell me no.



Souvlaki wine, magic chop.

Good morning, Gus here. Fetaman has left me alone. So I was reading a string of articles in the Globe and Mail this morning, and it had started with the Rob Carrick article titled “Job seeker on Gen Y’s struggles: “I didn’t think I’d be here at 30’”  A very interesting piece that illustrates a telling tale of a cycle, that is all about context. I am fond of the context smirk often, in fact, Fetaman uses it a lot. I introduced it to him. Yeah, I am anxious to weigh in on a number of matters, and consider “right.”

From there I had proceeded to click on a link of his that spoke of this blogger (*financefox.ca) and how the practiced “No Spend Days”. This new cult of personality has recently popped up more and more since the days of the Cappuccino Hair Bands. Seems so long ago, but those were good days.

Making your own coffee in the office. Being proud you saved that couple of bucks, and taking it to the next level. *context smirk* That was divine, grand. Divine. Hell, you even went out and bought $164.73 of sealable and transportable containers to be able to take in leftovers, and soon enough, you could even be shopping each day for fresh little bits of delight you could proudly boast in the office as the bundle of joy you are.

Mmmmmmmmm…Berry Pomegranite Mio…

So is my desire to sit here and start to “complain” or whine about what needs to be done, and how tough it may be out there to do what you need to do or why you choose to do it?

Not quite – I am more aligned, and of the same opinion ranges as this writer speaks of, in his reply to the initial letter written to Rob Carrick. It is titled “Why this 29-year-old believes Gen Y doesn’t have it that bad.”

No, I think I would rather look at the positive side of it all. Just like you do? Consider how if you really look at the “richness” that you have in your life, surrounding you, and you have adjusted the means and the ends for the “revenue” you seek in your life, then you will be able to live on much less of a “spend” from the financial side. Fuck. The opposing side of this Yang, is that Ying requires a lot more work and effort, they balance each other, and Ying is sparing when it comes to creature comforts. He lives in a way that many feel romantic about, until their month of joy has been eroded to menial tasks that will provide warmth, and food, and joy of a kind found only in the mountains of the mind. Chopping fucking wood in minus 30 degree weather, with a senior citizen is not exactly a fucking task for the faint of heart. But when you have a purpose, to make some wine, the challenge was that my wine was a vine. The grapes were “different”.

Wine is wine. It is from grapes, sweet or sour. It is fermented with time. It inebriates, as does it’s main ingredient. It swirls and aerates the elixirs of the mind, providing the same intoxicating reflections, effects, lapses of memory, depressions, joys, good times and bad times, wealth and poverty. All of it, inebriated by time.

Time makes the vine grow. Time makes the orange show.

Syntax changes today, and the only difference becomes how we consume the whine.

Consider weight of the whine, as something that has to be measured. It must be qualified. So you have to add subjective measurements such as age, and quantity or size, is the whine intelligent with an IQ that is acceptable and has been given a good “score” by the ratings guru’s, pundits and promoters and readers.

The readers can see, that the whine has an h in it. The listeners, will have to imagine that, to have the capacity to draw that conclusion themselves. It ain’t easy drawing conclusions at any age, is it?

Is this any different life at any of these ages? Of course there are, at different stages of life, your conclusions will be driven by what it is that has been delineated by the “age” – time, credentials, net worth, penis size, cup size…I-fucking-Q.  It Is all about your form. The world has changed and physical versus cerebral and cognitive empirical measures and subjective objectivity are always important boundaries to look at when you determine where you are. They are the fence posts on the Parameter acreage you own from birth. Expanding it or contracting it, is an environmental manifestation of the physical reality called you.

As humans, we then automatically create a stigma, a dogma, a viewpoint on other’s from our own experiences, and find entertainment in the universe of the mind as we consider how we like some things, and despise others. Why we are more entitled to something, than that other person who clearly is not as good as we are, so you must beat them back or harm them in some way to proceed. Of course, the second that many of you read that you pounced from the mental soap box to scream of your charity work, and your giving nature and all that you do to be kind, caring and some form of a religion based deity that has wings and can solve your problems.

Well, so can a shitload of Red Bulls and Vodka.

Trust me, it is only a temporary fix.

Just like breakfast of Corn Flakes and Crown Royal.

Just like plugging into a shit J.O.B. – it may sound like some kind of multi-level marketing jingle to have you sign on the dotted line so you can eventually move to Bora Bora after you make the millions saving your friends and families money on basic cable, phones, internet – and you are right. I had heard it from a douchebag, that was a miserable failure trying to build his life back up by telling lies, fuck him. Fuck anyone who is going to try to continue build up their lives using lies and not revealing them, and that is a very important reflection point is for me, and in fact it appears society is very clear. Honesty is the most valuable currency in this day and age, and transparency, as a result of it, whether you like it or not, is here.

I honestly do believe that a job is “Just Over Broke”.

No matter what kind of wealth you have, you are living within your means. You believe, that if the Jones’s are indeed driving that car, and have a debt ratio of X:Y, then yes, you too can be living within your means, if the means, become your own. If you accept “them”, then by natural collusion, you will unite with their means. Their means.

Means judged by others.

Not my fucking gig, thanks.

So does that then make me right, or am I wrong?  Who has a right that is more important – can one right shove all-in on another and always be the Royal Fucking Flush? Are these physical rights or spiritual rights? Does this right consider the right and just associates and peers, fellows and humans that sit beside us, in this commune circle delineated by the chairs we sit on?

Each right is different in it’s own way, until you fly a little higher by whatever means you need to so you can spend a little time with Jonathon. Silly fucking seagull, or prophet of understanding that at this height, they are all just big box store data points that lead to one giant balance sheet in the sky.

Immigrant parents came and worked like dogs. Literally.

Wandering the streets to find jobs, or trying to build them and having them fail, into bankruptcy.

There is one very simple solution to all of this bullshit, fuck.

Stop the victim thinking. Just think internal. The only victim has been my own self victimizing itself and blaming others.

Stop your fucking whining, and make your own wine with no h.

Drink it, enjoy it. It is the elixir of life.

It will change your life.

For the better, it always does.

But remember, my wine is not a vine. My vine, is actually orange grass.

“It will change your life for the better.” Always does.

Your wine, my vine. I found that vine because I looked for the orange in everyday. Somedays I chose to share it.

The world becomes a better place.

Other days I choose to nurture it, make sure you do so in order to help it become a belief grenade.

In the past, those belief grenades have changed. They have been brine grenades, taint grenades, the have been lie grenades.

What I do know, whatever you do,  when you do launch it…people will realize for what it is.

Me? I am just launching a biography. About myself. Gus Xortopoulas.

I will tell you right now, the grass, it’s fucking orange.




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Happy Birthday to…

What an incredible odyssey.

It has been a year since the site officially became mine.

I had waited over 8 years to be able to get past all of this, and before that – you have no fucking clue.

You think I am not aware of what is “out there” – and what the “lines look like”…really?

Do you think a plan, that has been made for decades, even a lifetime if one considers it, is really just something that simply happens?

You have the sleuth ability to start to get hooked, and like the heroine town you may exist in, or the hero mind you do, you are addicted to taking it to the next level.

To finding out more, to getting past the reality of Survivor, and the fake fucking bandana’s and the bullshit positioning from Day 1 – “I am just here to make some friends, I am so naïve, I am so strong, I am so fucking smart, I am so fucking stupid…oh look, a tortoise with a hare on his back…do they even have hair…”

I know who the fuck fetaman is.

Pretty fucking proud of it as well, because I know it all – except for you.
You are the know it all I want to meet.
So does Gus.

He is interested in beginning to introduce himself over the next few weeks.
His biography is coming out.

Pretty fucking impressive, and having had the chance to not only interview him, but also having been given the chance to verify accounts, eyewitnesses and documented proof.

One of the strangest, oddest, brightest, most eccentric, gifted, smart, angry, loving, caring, compassionate, valiant abiders I have ever known.
If not the single greatest…

Gus runs on his own time.
So do I.

It is a birthday celebration and it is combined with a publishing. What more could anyone ask? I mean, seriously – what a long strange trip, and where are we still? Yes, just seeing some of the invisible brown acid come to life. A special K of sorts.

The biography, the story, of Gus…

Don’t expect synchronicity.

This is a delicate operation, and if you want to be part of it.

Welcome to it – you can either RT this link, direct with the question included, or you can #orangegrass it up, either is a chance to ask Gus, and I can assure you, he will answer.

Celebrate or don’t.
Trust me, this has nothing to do with hunching over anything – not a typewriter, not a water tray, not some village code, not a table of weed, not a set of bullets, not a conspiracy of shades that are something new…

I know.
Hard to believe.

Trust me.
I fucking know.

It doesn’t matter though.
Cause the clock, the watches – the story of Gus.

It becomes clearer with each passing day, and in the coming 30 days, how many and when are just beside the Fuqu Pyramid, just take a coat hanger and levitate near it.

There is a whole year to explore behind this, and there is much more for myself.

Being an interviewer, is one interesting experience.

Care to play?

fetaman/ _

*truly a wonderful, gracious humble bow today – humility asks for, and asks no excuses, for it too…*abides*

****this is where I insert my own happy birthday to fetaman.com – for the real fetaman, from the real fetaman, with a background heralded by associates. Go ahead, link from the site – fill in the question, I promise. I am pretty sure Gus would answer most honourable, logical and discretion sensitive inquiries. To the point of the dedicated box that is running the code – the rest, my…look…a shiny set of keys. Oh wait, it may be a text…did that arrive? No, must be a lonely time, grab the flash light…only 45 metres across the way…no, the...the way…

*************Yes, this is 13 of them, is that “code” also.

*******Gus thinks so.



Help, My Snowman’s Burning Down (1964, Carson Davidson)

An image of the world, as advertised.

The soundtrack is your own mind man, woman, or child.

Enable it.

Talk to the meece, mais oui?



The Muppets

Those funny, funny muppets. Just trying to tie their own rooms together, and share some appreciation for the gig and the league games. I mean these points do count right, towards some kind of marriage proposal of something?

A scene from the muppet movie, a walk into a strange theatre wondering, perhaps this is the wrong theatre? I wonder, if I say a few things to person beside me, are they of a sound mind? How exciting…how so very exciting. Hi Icarus, name is Fetaman, how you doing today?

Amazing, what the change of a little thing like syntax, or cowardly actions, strange behaviours from odd folks, that otherwise seem so kind and real, or perhaps such as others that care to put things out in the universe, as real, with no fear – to enjoy the show.

Cause after all, all the world is a stave.

That stave for me, right now, fully aware. is one giant bowling lane.
*context smirk*

It is yours, and you choose it.

Don’t blame me for the misery of the interpretations you make.

Some funny folks have been included below, as a way of sending a smile and wave. Not a fucking marriage proposal.

The secrets that you keep, may have something to do with your own trip, but hey, just worry about your own miles sunshine, no need to worry about mine.

I got those.

Enjoy the smiles, cause nothing says a man can laugh, like laughing at masturbating muppets.


*per above link and YouTube reference, the original footage is from the Muppet Movie, and all rights and love go out to the creators and team that put it all together, making lessons and childhood a good experience. James Maury “Jim” Henson (September 24, 1936 – May 16, 1990) 



Flu Store for a flu Shot

I found myself this morning, replying again, to a friend who is the daughter of a loved, and cherished friend of my own. She is a wonderful, and pleasant young lady, that has had some of her own challenges in life, as we all have, and is in touch with me about how she can use some of her experiences to write more, perhaps find a creative outlet that she wants to develop.

I think this is incredible, and I am not in the business of trying to crush anyone, unless they have it coming or I am drunk on Crown Royal. It has become a real compensation of sorts, a genuine fulfillment, to find other’s growing and experiencing that “pop” or the moment of awareness when they find their short, mid, or long term purpose. Their way, of sorts, is never a static thing. It will always change, and it is like watching a garden grow. A field change. The seasons pass.

Fuck, I sound almost Golden Pond-ish <shakes head> I never want to come off as some kind of “wise monk”, unless I am trying to convey that image, or that thought, you know what I am trying to express here, and it can be simply stated as the robe, the glass and some dark sunglasses. Yes, I wear mine inside at times, at night – it is called corneal dystrophy, and it can fuck up your placement, even having you think you see Jerry Garcia beside you at the martini lounge, but you don’t do martini lounges any more much, and this one sure smells like a dirty souvlaki joint.

*I will spare you the “when I was younger, we walked to the Flu store in snow shoes, naked, to get a flu” story for now.

Back to me being selfish, in the sense that I get to both have a friend care to ask how I am doing, and giving me some strength and smiles to carry on with, and also, selfishly looking to take the experience, and turn it into a piece that can be shared, and that illustrates my sentiments on things.

As I was reflecting on some works I had from years ago, and taking them a little further into the other writings, earlier in the morning, I commented and built off the pieces I had seen. Much like I am doing now, sharing now, just a version of a map that is going to take you to the place you are supposed to be, right here, right now, like me writing this, and then returning to it, when I do, as I do, just for the sake of having it done.

I replied to some previous correspondence we had, like a lost art.

Kind of is a lost art actually, and like the ability to mock someone of a high intellect for their use of the word ironically (yes, I just raised my eyebrow, feel free me to tell me what you just raised by considering that thought, and please consider female breasts as a fine measurement of your affection, a sign reminding me of how great I am would be nice too, but if not, please at least make the breasts pop a little as I infer my use of the word ironic here) one can take joy from appreciating the fine art of letter writing. The exchange, the sharing of words, that fix a moment of time, and somehow, the best ones, transcend it and remain fluid for an eternity. Defined by you.

I took great joy, in thinking, that one of my blessings is being able to share, and participate with people, in a world, that has us do just that. Wander from thought to thought, from place to place, at a speed and with an appetite for as many courses of delight as we can consume.

Savoring them is another matter.

*The 7 Habits of Successful “People”, by Stephen Covey, is referenced here so you can see, how it was built out, and what it really reflected, using the form of the original Wikipedia article.

Interestingly, it was mentioned the other day on several sites I visit, whether a result of what someone thought was a genuine initial tweet, or it reflects the thoughts that thousands of us writers have considered as yet another reason for the success of Wikipedia, Google’s wonderful cousin, it is indeed a primary capital in our gulches.

There are many of them. Capitals, and gulches.

Letheantowers, all over – or forgotten.

Independence or Self-Mastery
The First Three Habits surround moving from dependence to independence (i.e., self-mastery):

  • Habit 1: Be Proactive (are you being as proactive as you want to be? Or are you considering yourself, active, and doing “something” so that is at least getting you to move forward, and that is a good thing?)

Take initiative in life by realizing that your decisions (and how they align with life’s principles) are the primary determining factor for effectiveness in your life. Take responsibility for your choices and the consequences that follow.

  • Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind (I mentioned this in my other email, what is the “end goal”, the means to it, will provide the end in and of itself. It seems to be very simple to state, and reading about similar thoughts that date back to the invention of sand, the philosophy is simple to understand, but complex to learn, and seemingly, impossible to practice for most of, dare I say it, humanity as it presents its case today)

Self-discover and clarify your deeply important character values and life goals. Envision the ideal characteristics for each of your various roles and relationships in life. Create a mission statement.

  • Habit 3: Put First Things First (prioritize, but make sure you are aware of what those priorities are you are separating and categorizing into action or not, otherwise all you are doing is moving around a bunch of empty shells, with no coins underneath any. I would actually even suggest, that in most cases, they are not even stone coins or exchanges of value, they are just plane, old, simple, cold, stones. Stalinus Commonus being a very popular version of a shale type, that can fracture if tested, but great for skipping across a pond. Golden pond? Sure, color is not an issue. Having a pond, is.)

Prioritize, plan, and execute your week’s tasks based on importance rather than urgency. Evaluate whether your efforts exemplify your desired character values, propel you toward goals, and enrich the roles and relationships that were elaborated in Habit 2.

The next three have to do with Interdependence (i.e., working with others):

  • Habit 4: Think Win-Win (the most important win, is not yourself, but the win for the person who is to receive, or choose to accept, what you have to offer, for free or not, but THEY must get the reward, yours or their gains, become salient only after the other has received theirs. Trust, that by doing this, you will never be “burned”, you will always win in some capacity, and are able to be blessed, if you can not only see, but take comfort, strength and faith from knowing that wealth is not measured in terms of a financial means alone. I am not charging for these words,  I am being rewarded however in kind, in other ways I am thankful for.)

Genuinely strive for mutually beneficial solutions or agreements in your relationships. Value and respect people by understanding a “win” for all is ultimately a better long-term resolution than if only one person in the situation had gotten his way.

  • Habit 5: Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood (you can not throw solution darts at balloons, until you see the balloons, and even then, throwing darts at things is pretty much bullshit, unless you are British, drunk at a pub, or British, having high tea, on some kind of Rhino Safari in Africa – “where the fuck are my crumpets…” <monty python character visual, a jeep, Africa, drinking tea, with a dart in one hand> “…in a state of good, the government, we pay no taxes to, will feed us, and make sure we can live, it is out right…” <Greek mule, dart in one hoof, smoke in other, kafaneon setting, flickering fluorescents, gold jewelry flash, beyond plate glass window, silhouette lines of multiple Ferrari’s, monks walking by)

Use empathic listening to be genuinely influenced by a person, which compels them to reciprocate the listening and take an open mind to being influenced by you. This creates an atmosphere of caring, and positive problem solving.

  • Habit 6: Synergize (there is a great spirit in the combination of great things, and I am not wanting to have to deal with all of this combine into one, the universe is one giant atom of love, and one ball of energy stuff. Keeping my mind that simple, is not going to allow me to reach the state of zen, or find the answers in some cross desert journey that Coelho has us on for crystals and eagle droppings. I can accept many thoughts, and in fact entertain them accordingly. Their use, then becomes relevant to combining it with the circumstance. Trying to synergize a room full of monkeys is not going to yield you the map, fuck the words and the pro-forma or the project GANT and PERT charts, clauses go without saying as the ghonarhea of horrific contracts, or a simple illustration on how to get to the snail that Kurtz has somewhere in his hear, or a dark jungle somewhere. The only thing that is going to get you to that place, is the right J-team. A collective of cerebral anarchists, and creative citizens on the stave.)

Combine the strengths of people through positive teamwork, so as to achieve goals no one person could have done alone.

Self Renewal
The last habit relates to self-rejuvenation:

      • Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw (if you are not in a good place, mentally or physically, and are still in a place of “accepting” some kind of position of weakness, and this is not a good thing, I am very sure of this understanding I have here, you will not succeed. Simply put my friend, cancer can fuck right off, I am no one’s bitch, and most certainly not a “victim” of it. I refuse to empower, or validate the motherfuckin’ piece of shit disease, and I will crush it’s very existence, and relish in watching cry to me, for sympathy, to live. I will crush it’s last breath from my own body, and thrust my hand, my fist dripping with it’s demise, into the air, and shout, that I am Fetaman, and no body, no thing, no event – ever, is going to bring me down. I got to much living to do, and that includes today. I will also not tolerate lies. The truth, also, will not be considered by anyone else but ourselves, and as the mind is the judge, so too, shall it remain true, and sharp. I keep mine sharp by practicing Lumosity push-ups and chin-ups, I have my frontal lobe now doing about 5k in adjective speed walking, but the right lobe keeps wanting to stop for taco’s – I am on this crazy taco kick right now, not sure if it is the body needing some of the protein, and to regenerate from some of the massive weight loss.  This weight loss is not just physical, it comes from walking away from so much shit I chose to carry, until I sharpened what I saw.)

Balance and renew your resources, energy, and health to create a sustainable, long-term, effective lifestyle. It primarily emphasizes exercise for physical renewal, prayer (meditation, yoga, etc.) and good reading for mental renewal. It also mentions service to society for spiritual renewal.

I am very happy to do what I do, and never once, would consider anything but a blessing. It truly, is my life right now.The reason I am now alive, was, and is, the thing that could kill me.

Such a blessing.If only it could come, without such costs – if only, we could see it, or hear it, or learn from it, because we are told it all of the time, but rarely, truly get it, before being overwhelmed with the shiny keys.

Find that passion, and hold it, keep it, share it, care for it, relish the blessing that it is – because many will never know, or care to even want to introduce themselves to this wonderful thing.

Does that mean I walk around spreading lilacs and daisies, and daffodils around? Not all the time, but sometimes. Most of the time, I am a sarcastic, cussing, highly intelligent dude cracking jokes and making people very clearly aware of the my level of tolerance for stupidity.

I write, send, speak and email the same way as I live, which is to share, sometimes not always to be taken the way I intended, and as such, remains of the key reasons for me selecting the friends and people in my life.

If they are not intelligent enough, or care enough (*those are not mutually exclusive things, and can be inclusive within the factions of measurement that define them and their consequences) then we can not have an pivot point from which to depart from, on the way, of that discussion, and in fact, in our lives together. If we do not have that pivot point, and do not remain strong in wanting to grow from it, especially, in fact, most importantly, the difficult ones – then we have nothing really.

I should also say, I have nothing, because I am an idiot.

I acknowledge how stupid I am myself, and find a self-appreciating humor in that, a comfort, knowing, with all of the shit, that number is insane to even try to calculate along a historical timeline of the world, which is why I howl at folks that talk shit about science and data and facts – we have so little of anything we can base our calculations on, that they mean shit – so fuck it, how can we be assured that anything is even real. Hell, I am a man of cheese typing on a keyboard, and sending signals all over the world, right there beside Obama telling us how to eat our peas and smoke our queues.

So have a wonderful day, and make sure to take a few minutes, or hours, but take them.

Peer deep inside of them, and look hard. You see that?

It’s a bowling ball.
That is a bowling alley.
The object is to enjoy your time bowling.
Winning the game, is just a metric of your own making.

Now pass me my drink, and roll the fucking ball. Before I tell you the story of when I was young, and we had to walk to the Flu Store, in the snow, with no shoes, to get the flu.

I need this frame to end, I have to go outside for a minute.
Want to see some orange skies.



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Where is the gulch?

This is Fetaman Paraphrasing a Paraphrase

If you don’t think the entire world is completely fucked, you’re just not paying attention. It’s a function of you being present, or just deciding to stick your head in the ass of a comformity, it’s pretty fuqtarded out there, and until we realize why things are so out of hand, and what our responsibilities and rights are, and embrace them for what they really are, I can pretty much assure you the mushroom trips you took in the fraternity are going to seem pretty tame in comparison to what you are doing in that hut, in a fetal position, waiting for the next episode of Oprah to cure what ails you. it’s only going to get worse.

Unless it is the trip you signed up for
Light you way.

Sober or not.

Rocks don’t have morality because they’re not alive, it is not possible for a rock to have such parameters, let alone have learned them from a self-proclaimed professor, a tree. Plants can’t be criminals because they can’t make choices, and that would include not being able to choose to teach, or write, or just grow branches. They just are, trees.

‘Right’ and ‘wrong’ describe choices, which are made based on instincts and communicated ideals from a collective that you have made a fundamental choice to subscribe to. It is similar to choosing whether to live or to not live. Some of us are brothers (*sisters), and since bro’s are the smartest fucking things in the world, we survive by using our brains. When bro’s think, they live, and they find happiness. It is a tough concept, this thinking, and now you are telling me I have to think to be happy? Sorry you may be too fuckin’ dense to even understand this basic principle but it is the truth.

Rational people are happy people, which is why free trade is so the elixir of the Universe, and I am not going to get into the discussion on creation or a large scientific set of facts argued by some of my brothers and sisters. I am going to clarify that the beauty of the simplicity is that this free trade lets two thinking people make a deal, and trade what they have for what they want, on their own, with their free will, based on value and benefits exchanged for the trade. Simple economics. Guess who comes out ahead when two bro’s trade? Both. Otherwise, they just wouldn’t trade.

Is this your dream?

If you are able to keep up with me, no, I am not a mind reader. I am just your brother. I know that you are thinking what any wise person would. Why would I sacrifice something, whether this be killing something you need to in order to appease the Gods, or to provide something you would rather keep, because it is cherished and desired, or at least required to impress the people you do not like, with the things you have, but may not necessarily truly desire, but it is still a wanton desire, and fuck, it is yours damn it. I mean, ‘sacrifice’ is fucking stupid, and no thinking being would do it.

What is a challenge, is that I am hearing all of these other voices, trying to drown out my own, as they pester my intellect with affirming to me over and over again, on the silicon boxes and melted glass vision monitors, it’s ‘right’ to give up what I have so someone else can get what they want. It is their right, to have this right.

If it’s ‘right’ that I take less, why is it ‘right’ that they get more? Because I earned it and they didn’t? Does that strike no one else as completely fucked? Why the hell am I evil because I have things and they don’t? NEWSFLASH: I earned my shit. Before I could have things, I had to make things; if they don’t have anything valuable, it’s because they don’t make anything valuable, which falls right over here into what I like to call the “Don’t’ Make Other People’s Problem My Problem” column.

Ancient parables told us of the wise man thinking about dinner before he is hungry, and the dumb animals doing nothing all day but to forage for the hibernation of a winter, and the sleep that comes after too much turkey and a boring college bowl game. He earned that sleep, but I guess he does not deserve that food he has stored. Oh, it is not food? It is actual fat, and excess on his body. Well, that is ok, I am sure there are some Shylock’s out there willing to try to “work” at stealing some of the earnings in his rump while he is sleeping.

But somehow Mother Nature, a filthy capitalist and “natural libertarian” that is considering a fuqtarded tea party, has made the workers victims of capitalism? She has falsely represented that the fruits and the tending of the garden are to be worked and the rewards harvested from your effort and purpose. Seriously? You mean I can not simply go and steal those fruits? Oh yeah, well, maybe the conditions of work are not good. Maybe, we should strike against Mother Nature.

Go ahead, if you think that working conditions suck that much, then just… stop working. There is no other class of human. We all work, for what we want, and what we get is a fair trade of what we have done, who we are, and how we abide.

If you genuinely believe you are contributing more than you’re getting, then your demands for more will be answered, when you have proven that is the case, and the free trade you have for your product, service, love, laughter, alliance – whatever the fuck that is, is accepted. Otherwise, stop fucking whining and do something about it. I can assure you, that if you are not able to simply do the kind of providing a bartered and exchanged desire or benefit in some capacity to another, because they don’t “get” it, well, it is likely because they can “get” to a place of such stupidity from where they stand.

This battle call “class disparity” is bullshit. In the state of nature, there will be taller trees, and fiercer predators that eat less than they can kill. So they just eat longer, or grow taller. In nature, there is no such thing as class conflict, not when everyone is naturally rational. Unfortunately, nature can manifest some pretty fucking stupid hyena’s that believe they are worker hyena’s, and they laugh at the benefits they receive, denying they are more than anyone else’s. So then rational, forms an opinion on the guilt that is felt for inventing disease-free crops that lower the “cost” of “food”, or providing engines that hyena’s could use to cheaply deliver food across the country, on infrastructure and with technology that just appeared with magical fairy dust, and unicorn battalions that made sure that water was safe to drink, and the power stayed on with the help of non-union pixies that just want to be kind. Why yes, I would like to get paid nothing, and have my freedom and natural choice raped for the benefit of saving you $50. It goes without saying, that I also apologize greatly for actually thinking I should enjoy some of the benefits and gifts that come from getting more food, and improving the quality of life.

You are right, I should just get “locked” away, in a place where only other’s like me dwell.

The entire world judges me by a morality the demands my guilt in exchange for the ability to think and know, create and trade, what the machine demands. What Orwell would have defined as the Big Brother principle, and it also claims that my soul and my body are incompatible, and that I can only find comfort by learning what the machine wants me to learn. To conform to the killing of my body, by their choice and my own “choice”, to ‘liberate’ my soul, according to whatever the fuck it means for them. My body and mind, the fruits of all my efforts and being mean nothing. I must sacrifice my self, because death for something I do not believe in, but will cause a benefit to another is of the highest value.

Well my friends, the drug cocktail will only last as long as the red pill will allow. It might not make sense when you start to come down, but Pharma Inc., an affiliate of Big Brother Machinations LLC will ensure it lasts as long as it needs to. Me, I am taking the orange stroll, a natural and wise alternative. A more whole, idealistic approach to life, and what I am about to say may just blow your mind, but I don’t care, because this is the interwebs, and my broadcast is meant for me, and anyone that may find it.

The orange stroll doesn’t “last long” because it just is alive. It never “lasts” because the effect is infinite. It is the way that I walk, and the miles that I own. And on that walk, in this banished place, where only people like me think, and do, what we know is best for ourselves, and are men and women who appreciate and honor who we are, and the gifts we can exchange on the journey through our gulch – I smile. Knowing I “deserve” this.

So when things go wrong for the unthinking idiots, those that choose ignorance and stupidity by choice, rooted in a desperate expectation and show of force, or threat of violence greatest to have us pay off their debts just because we can – I say, please, go fuck yourself elsewhere, and before you do, feel free to leave a contribution in the fuck given jar above (*link coming soon, trust me) so we can help ourselves learn from the “retards” you reject from your society because of how they were born.

Being born this way does not make me stupid, or dumb. It makes me the holder of a gift from the universe, and we embrace differences like those in our hearts. In our gulch. Our way. In a spirit of abide. So any contributions you care to make, before you fuck off, or grow some intellect and testicles of Intent and join Rural Gulch Achievers.

You have made life hardest for the greatest contributors, the ones who make your life easier, and actually expect to be acknowledged, or thanked, and if not, at least to be able to enjoy what they have exchanged in fair trade. The more a brother or sister can make, the more you take, and I and my associates have united in declaring that our contribution to these ‘taxes’ doesn’t make us or me feel like I should stay here on the broadcast much longer.

Fuck your theft, and thieving ways. Fuck your lies, and your bullshit. To hell with standing by and allowing you to continue making it happen, unable to believe that anyone could really be that dumb? Well I was, and will no longer be. My words, my choice, my freedom to exist and be who, what, where, when, and how I want to be – I declare it again today, affirming my own choices in the ast, and today, as my own. So I stand here, as a piece of cheese, a proud man made of Feta…Fuck. Your. Noise. 

I am done being made to feel guilty, blamed and hated, because I make shit happen, and actually expect to have peers, and associates and <gasp> “friends” who believe making shit happen, makes the world go around. I am done being sacrificed, being a criminal, or an outcast, or an eccentric recluse that “parties” well more than I should, because all of you know how I live, and who and what I am.

You know what I am?  I am a guy, who knows a gal that built a thing that lets you fly through the sky in an air conditioned plane. Of course she’s rich, because flying is fucking awesome, and she is smart, and can sing opera, and has a great sense of humor, and is talented and people will pay her to do it. Just like my other friends helped us turn coal into furious steel vessels that people needed for more food, and more stuff.

Well, your world says “they” are evil, and I know that is not true. So I don’t want to live in your “world” anymore. I have made my choice, and own it each day. You will own your own choices here also, because with no thinking or cerebral sutra, it will only get worse.

When you’re ready for any of us to fix shit because you know we can, let us know. Just use the Abide signal in the skies, don’t worry where you point it, we have the technology to see it, and we will come.  As long as it is not during the Lebowski Toga party, because fuck, everyone looks forward to that month of festivities for the whole year.

“This is John Galt Speaking” is a famous speech delivered by the primary character in Ayn Rand‘s novel, Atlas Shrugged. It was a piece that was paraphrased by The Philosophy Bro, which is a great site, and he did a fantastic job of delivering the original summary, which you can review here. Sharing the link, is in an effort to recognize his effort, because I am never down with stealing people’s work and effort, and will always credit them with the inspiration, and original work, which facilitated a personal transcription of how I feel, today, because every day is a living one in which many of the ideals and principles form my way. Ayn Rand is one of my most beautiful women in my gulch, and because of her book, and the freedom of choice we all have, I have declared my free choice. Fetaman’s gulch, and abide…or not.



Buffalo Bacon. Roam

Where the Buffalo Roam

First Born, Steals IQ and Best of all Jeans
Bill F. Murray
Buffalo Cut, Brine, Canada (c) Abide Press Corps.


There was a recent study, conducted by the Faculty of Sociopathic Miscreants, and Lost Souls in order to facilitate a better understanding of why first born children, often are, and will remain, for their lives, brilliant, well smarter than their lesser fleshlings.

Because of their ability to get all the new jeans, and clothing, while everything else was never provided to their other siblings, who were often locked in cupboards for days at a time, trying to cry for help in vain, as no one paid attention due to the 70’s rug pulling hobby the rest of the village participated in with egg nog and heroine.

Editor Note: the timeline of this story has been depicted to reflect the relevant state of humanity, and the A.D. chronology of drug and social abuse according to the writing of the author. Neither the publisher, or the editorial team will accept any responsibility for the closure of any metropolitan areas as a result of protest, hardship or distress caused by the massive upheaval of fucks that will be given about yet another Springer Rivera revelation.

It all goes without saying, and has been proven over and over again, by many, and fully accredited former prostitutes, and now legal graduates from leading international academies that only offer these degrees, under certain circumstances and covers. Literally.

Digression, lies returned to onset of a typewriter carriage tendon, please remove the thought previously broadcast, and come back to the proof, that as a man and a woman grow older, they will certainly have produced more and more super-jock sperm and eggs to compete in the non-licensed activity of pro-creation.

We are not here to begin to analyze, or fully recognize one big bang over another creation of a magical carpet rider, a fat bastage, some kind of water and ark of fish to wine walker stuff. We are here to discuss the scientific and religious pundits confirmations of the natural evolution of pent up, ready to go sperm, and how they will be the first to want to leave the Brine Chunnel.

They will not be the first to the delicious croissant that sits on the other side however.

The may be at the front of the stage, and hoping for all hope, that they can be loved by the lizard skin, and the punk rock princess on stage, with the man’scaped and handled love table, right at the best window in the venue. Lights, and sounds, and uplifted pinky rings (*yes, again, delay the fucking “that can not happen” mentality, are you following me, for fucks sake, this is a blog written by a block of feta, man. Do you really think that a piece of feta is that stupid, that is does not KNOW that sperm and eggs have no pinky’s, let alone an awareness of gold, or what some kind of precious metal may be used to signify the relevance or importance of yourself, in a room filled with people, that you give no fuck about, but need to impress, by doing and buying the shit you need to, in order to give no fuck. It of course goes without saying, they are all in the same state of being…and wait…)

Holy fucking shit, I am actually defining this to who?

Why, we all know, the oldest is the smartest, and the best. They got it all. Those fucking bats, everywhere.


*note not Gene’s or g gnomes were consulted for the above piece, please take that into consideration before your present your KISS Army card. Not valid for Detroit Rock City residents.