Brinesanity – an abide jar, filled with all the fuqs given.


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Hating but.


You make a statement.

However, or but, or – can not be used, without annoying the shit out of people.

Use of the words like, please also consider, or may I also suggest, how about – things that are going to phrase to the participant in the conversation, things in a slightly different way.

It also sounds like the word but, and rump roast and those are things near shit, so when I hear the word I imagine an ass.

Like the one that makes assumptions.

Am I rich or poor?

Black or white?

A liar, or a truth teller?

Open or closed?

Is judgment different than understanding? Mutually exclusive? Inclusive?

Man, or cheese?

Pretty funny to consider the last one, it is obvious. I am a man. a man that is completing a book, and starting a new outlook.  A man, that is addressing things in his own life, and wondering if how I am doing them is right. Write?

I don’t try, I just do and this is what I believe is the right course. Sure, a dime a dozen right, another writer talking about self awareness, and some kind of fiction that comes from the wild imagination, and all of that fuckin’ shit…write.

A guy is who is random as fuck, who can snap on the pinhead of an inflated thought, and dance on the same surface ensuring not a drop is spilled other than the hint of the sunshine from the roaming corners of the upturned mind.

Sober reflection of the reality that abounds, astounds and confounds.

Silly rabbit, tricks are for con men, and liars and thieves.
Losers, and lovers, scallions and plebes.
Mystery, history, fascination in the mind
Onward and upward, incredible the kind.

The day seems yours, pleased as the bunch, a hunch and a lunch
Sweatshirt, yoga pants, sidewalk cowboy.
The fuck, a horse.

There seems to be a taste, a small brush of it in the air. Can’t quit bring myself to wanting to actually encourage a chord of a song reference, may be overkill on the amount of cheese being brought out – too much air, the exposure seems to almost create a post radheel on it.

Can I keep this little tag to a less than cordial 500, and we can still be friends?

The bank of Fetaman does not recognize time as a deposit credit or debit opportunity it is involved in.

You get to pick the shine on that crazy diamond.

I do.
Gus, he tells me he does.

What do you say?
Did you hear him yesterday, with that link.

There is one you know.

Just saying.


_ _ _   _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (don’t try)