Brinesanity – an abide jar, filled with all the fuqs given.


Sexcamelus Abidus and dirty water…

“Cucumbers, it is a know fact, that it turns women on.  Use Cucumber juice.”  *paraphrased, from Redemption Inc.

Sexcamelus Fetapoulos, Years ago, wrote a very wild piece on this concept, and have been batting it around for years, so now is the time to unleash some of it, and ensure that other pieces are given the chance to actually attract some more interest. you think it is just the acid in life that makes me keep changing from feta, to camel, to an abide monk. no, just life in and of itself being a trip.

She had to wonder. Would the camel’s magic cucumber help her find company. She was over joyed. It was a sexcamelus abidus on the horizon, filled with feta and joy. At long last, an oasis had company.

yeah, a sex camel sure to fuck don’t turn his nose up at dirty water. it is also known as the sexcamelus abidus, if it can have the girth and strength of extra storage for some cheese. usually a brine like cheese, creating powerful feta juices of great splendour when the days heat and arid rays seek salvation.

as long as it walks the way it should, it will all be all right.

always is.




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