Brinesanity – an abide jar, filled with all the fuqs given.


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It is about the is, and being in the now, but in the now, even one who has no idea about aggression or standing, will fall to the call of the wild. Soar like an eagle, let your spirit carry me.

Whatever, this section is being built around the madness of the @fuqtarded account, and some of the musings that have come from there.  These will include the public things I have mentioned, and the brinesanity that gave me a fuck jar filled with fuqs giveth…some funny shit on that site, in that “domain”/realm…but fuck, what a time vortex.

A creationist void filled with what you make of it.

You better be using it for something, and in my case, sure fucking am…part of the brine diaries series…yeah, whatever, fuck yourself if you happen to think this is not real, or not relevant. I mean, if you don’t give a shit, why are you even here paying attention to this?

Trust me, in my short time on Twitter, about 6 months effective March, 2013 – I have run the gambit* of trusting, having faith, sharing some real – and some intentionally not.

*context smirk*

All about me, how often does a piece of cheese get a few minutes past 15 to have some air time?

Got to be careful though, too much air, and some can begin to smell like vinegar balls.  I have made a firm decision to avoid the scent of vinegar-assjuice-wonderbread-urine and of course, taint flakes…fuck, how the hell is a piece of cheese, that is saying fuck the ones who choose to be tarded, and not the ones blessed by God to receive gifts we can not understand so they are mocked, no this is another level – saying fuck, the tards by choice, love the ones without it, as you love yourself for who you are, not the one that the Tribus Tardus seek you join…avoid them my friends…avoid them, unless you have the powers to laugh and smile at them.

There was once a list of the folks that have received a noted “TOTD” (*this is Twitter tongue, and trust me those tongues will probe, say, lick, venture into, and vilify just about anything you can possibly imagine to care to, for Trophy of the Day. This trophy of the day is the equivalent of a $0.17 fragment of your entertainment, that is supposed to represent how loved you may be in another life – or it may represent the milestones one needs to “qualify” as being able to bear the ever powerful monocle of Comedian, such pageantry in so much of that wisdom *yawn* oh look, another shit joke, oh my, this time, one about another homosexual reference that is supposed to blend well with the victorious and great “rape” battle call, that I regret I once had fallen into the trap of trending with – I apologize for that derision, and it has not happened since. Words can be very powerful forces, and the same elevation of them, can quickly bring them down, upon intended or unintended parties.) – some bright and funny people on there, and some not so much so anymore when you get to see behind the curtain. More to come on that shortly.

It is not about the stars, or the laughs, it is about the RT’s and the communication, the spirit that goes into what you want to do, in order to abide, by a certain code. A simple interest, in making sure you are very much willing to prove you can do more than star something, or rant, or even if the need be, go back into the full logic, head ripping structure that allowed you to get to the gulch – but if you want to try to take it to that level, or need something to be proven professional – happy to oblige.

The lane is free for a game, if you got the ability to roll.

Welcome to part of my gulch.

I hope you enjoy some of the view.

I am sharing it with the world, because I write.

Anytime, any place.

This is one arena.


The following are some of the brine grenades, masterstrokes, adventures of the mind. Some wanderings, and in the form, context and way they sit, I wanted to share them as some of the illustrations, and the range of who I am. A more complex being that some kind of collection of a few thousands words that may have been consumed like the dough and yeast bits that were shit out ago. Some forgotten, others with a want for the reflections of time.

The links are live, and allow you to head right to the page. No other sources needed, or no other filters. If you hover over them, there may be a fork you can stare at. Might feed the senses.

too much weed, just ate my frozen gall stone collection instead of the M&M’s *note to self, change freezer bulb tomorrow. *3:27 AM – 10 Oct 12

also, am officially annoyed at myself for not masturbating to my 1000th tweet *slaps head, looks for V8* 3:09 AM – 20 Oct 12

Not sure if I am uber-baked, but when I close my eye’s I see dancing bacon reciting Letterman quotes…ok, yeah – baked on… *2:58 AM – 23 Oct 12

anytime: love to have a woman singing opera to me during mad sex. issue: no 30 second operas. **25 Oct 2012

ex-wife flashback: when i click Twitter, she won’t let me in. when did “no sex for you” translate into “internal server error”. *9:33 PM – 26 Oct 12

twitter is like that freak in pantyhose fuqing a vacuum and smiling. no one gives a fuq, guess it feels good, funny as fuq, so yah, star it. *2:30 AM – 27 Oct 12

this place is like the old telephone operator contraptions, that Radar could just plug into, and hear shit. btw, hawkeye-weed-2pm-mess hall. **28 Oct 2012

Hipster broke; having to use two sticks, rubbed together, hoping enough fire will generate some electricity for the cassette player to work. *5:42 PM – 28 Oct 12

You knew a hurricane was coming? Yes. A sail boat has a large sail right? Yes. Did you tie it down in your backyard? No officer. <gunshot> *2:00 PM – 31 Oct 12

Twitter Weekend: far out man, far out. this place is not a waste vortex, it is an atomic bomb of creativity for inspiration and motivation. *5:18 PM – 10 Nov 12

there is no love, don’t care how old you are, like that of your mom calling to make sure you are eating your veggies. cherish your moms. *2:35 PM – 15 Nov 12

Twined roast beef commercial. Flashback: ex-wife once tried to entice me with her rump roast string lingerie. Said no. Cause, horseradish. *11:58 PM – 20 Nov 12

how many tweets does the average tweeter read before having to take the 10 minute masturbation break? brb. *8:13 PM – 21 Nov 12 

most brilliant people do not think the rules apply to them. what are these rules we must abide by? do tell. *9:36 PM – 22 Nov 12

hard to make voodoo dolls for all the assholes on here i see. so I use grapes and a sharpie marker. and lots, and lots of toothpicks + pins. *6:13 PM – 27 Nov 12

I looked around and found myself asking, I am not a Chewbacca, what am I doing at the Chewbacca table, and why are the adults over there? *7:51 PM – 4 Dec 12

are all these shitty tweeters with big numbers the same folks that stole Monopoly money from their friends house, to impress their “family”? *11:03 PM – 7 Dec 12

Couldn’t miss another great tweet idea again. Finally installed a white board in the shower. What brand dry-erase markers do “elites” use? **7 Dec 2012

i wish someone could invent a perfume that smelled like a UFC Round Girl pulling down her short shorts. *8:58 PM – 8 Dec 12

you never know what you get with Twitter. it is like a box of acid dipped weed, dipped in chocolate, dipped in random, double rainbow dust. *9:15 PM – 13 Dec 12

if you are afraid of sharing some of your words because they will be stolen. you will never have all of them read. they can never steal you. *11:38 PM – 13 Dec 12

You are not really eccentric, unless you have a waterproof-medicine cabinet/rotating bookshelf in your shower. *4:17 AM – 14 Dec 12

On the street or subway you can only imagine what that idiot is thinking. On Twitter, you get to see what that idiot is thinking. *1:20 PM – 16 Dec 12

I follow 0% of the people that are not interesting. *6:07 PM – 16 Dec 12

I like to announce my elevator farts by staring strangers in the face and naming a Kung Fu move. Today was Village Fish Claw. 6 floors. *11:41 AM – 27 Dec 12

Fuck I would love to trip balls on the same acid they gave the Apollo crew before filming that shit. The flag moves in time to White Rabbit. *7:17 PM – 28 Dec 12

Mankind: Acropolis, Coliseum, Taj Mahal. Miracles. You: managed to crawl under desk, cursing, to re-set a modem. *9:03 AM – 11 Jan 13

No pussy is great enough to tolerate stupidity. *4:26 AM – 14 Jan 13

acid trips in the forest, with smart creative people – that is what I want. *8:04 PM – 18 Jan 13

“Friendship” on Twitter is like “Love” in Times Square. Keep feeding “them” dimes, quarters or scratch and they will always smile. *2:46 AM – 21 Jan 13

answering to anyone else, is any one’s sin. *10:51 PM – 23 Jan 13

Easy to talk shit when you are not real. *9:25 PM – 4 Feb 13

Twitter is like drawing on a diner napkin, and expecting someone to reach into the bin to acknowledge your brilliance after the fact. *3:31 AM – 13 Feb 13

misery always packs your bags. you lift them. *12:09 AM – 18 Feb 13

Moosehead is good, but you have to be careful with the teeth and they don’t speak English so well. *11:15 PM – 1 Mar 13

The depth of your disinformation is all about the size of the hole you want dug. *1:14 PM – 2 Mar 13

How problems are solved: (a) click heels (b) wave wand (c) move on. *3:09 AM – 10 Mar 13

Stonehendge was a UFO drive thru. *12:59 AM – 10 Mar 13

Talent. Intelligence. Maturity. Experience. Seconds to none. *3:41 PM – 12 Mar 13

It takes a whole year for one shamrock to produce enough juice for one sip of the McShake. Stop the slaughter. Capitalist pigs. *sip 10:38 PM – 11 Mar 13

I wish I could plant so many of you in a field of marijuana so you could maybe just catch some of life’s buzz man. Wake up and live. *10:39 PM – 1 Apr 13

It should be a law that all miserable people live near a kids playground for 3 months to cure their misery with the sounds of life. *11:14 AM – 4 Apr 13

The Roomba sat and pondered; would anyone know he had found this hash and more importantly, could he reach the salt & vinegar chips. *1:17 AM – 14 Apr 13

Who is this Gus that is always referred to?

Gus Xortopoulas is the main character in the book that has been “code named” Orange Grass Abides. Anyone would appreciate the discretion of the name having to be released on book delivery. It has to be discrete, the whole story is a work of “fiction” that blends the surreal with an aspect of what you may expect from here.

“Gus is a pretty interesting man. He had “made it” – then it all collapsed. According to some. According to him, the wealth came in another form. The discovery of orange grass. He found the world of renegade cultivation, cerebral and natural. Literally and figuratively. It had some filled with joy and wonder, others with pure hate and a need to bring it down. Truth is, you can’t. The grass, is all ready orange, and it will always be that way. For Gus, and those that bought the ticket and took the ride – the trip was well worth it, and he proves it each day.” – Fetaman

Below, are some of the quotes that are taken directly from the book, and of course per all of my writing, is owned and copyrighted. In this case, it is also copyright protected by Gus.

Dig the gig – the grass.

It is orange man.









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