Brinesanity – an abide jar, filled with all the fuqs given.


medias in feta


“do not entrust your songs to the leaves lest the rapid winds make them whirling playthings. i beg you to sing the prophecies yourself.” the Aeneid






a tree stretches branches and builds more than leaves to blow away the seasons.
it seeks a distance in the heavens, and strives for a reason,
a shell washes to a distant shore, and not with anymore purpose than to land.
it seeks the touch of the hands, and the comfort from within the sands,
a fruit becomes ripe, not for time to appreciate the grand façade of shade,
but because it inclined to washed along a love that aspired to be.

where do we go when we are not here
where is the there, when nowhere
how is the why but another time
are thought within a singular line.
why is there sometime, and others for wine
why is the spirit leading the fine.
what to do when the orange, too bright
breaks away the shards and the bloats the nights.
at a stand, at an end, de novo essence.

I am not sure, of anything but a desire to take your hand
con, cue
the bind.
who to be, only if we, else are we
leaving three, beliefs in obscurity clouding the need
uniting us in what is not, and to be alone
knowing what only we can understand the knot
inside the tried, a tide of the orange not.

inside, there is no reason to hide.
is there choice if it there is nothing but you inside.

if those are lies, they are not lives.

*abide, 03-’06


Dried and haggard field

time lapse lens.
lying about how important this is.
what a fucking load of shit, yeah, build it – or light the field, when dried and haggard.



Absolute Con Negotiations

Any fucking moron that believes that anything easy is easy...?

When you know some W.C Fields nosed loser is selling you shit, why buy it? Oh yeah, desperation to meet the Rolling Stones.

How did I get told I was in a downline and not her line?

Why is there no organic growth in the width to build the base, the very model we are given and incented to use, and the depth comes later?

Business partner knowing who he works with and is partnered with – integrity, compatibility, motivation etc?

Choice is always mine in ” my” business.

Why do our relationships with partners have to be so cloudy…truth?…why notbnw open and honest.

Hung up on with rep services, and if upline tells you more shit, ACNINA held not responsible… As opposed to growing real business the way it should…WTF do I pay me support cash for?

Where are the financial figures nd details – percentage of people that still reps and what portion are services? Can we still see the upside if my partners are lying about who we “rep” and what the aervicea are?

When someone is not building the team for their benefit, should they not have a choice and be told the honest truth.

Walk me through EXACTLY what you did and what your team looks like…show me your back office and prove it…I want , replicate the authenticated truth.

Where do we really see the business opportunity…reps or clients?

Why the bullshit on team cab’s…I was told over and over it was a team thing and not mine…manage expectations and if they are open and honest there is nap stopping it…we go to war and knowing truth will motivate more than the perceived inspiration because one is a dream and the other is reality.

Red apple or red apple tree…branches are natural real and we did not plant for today, I planted for my children and loved ones.

Seriously, get fuckin’ busy dyin’, cause that ain’t no life to live, now is it?

What a fucking joke.

Multi-level questions from years ago, when a pure asshole and his fucking lies took it to another level of disgust.

This is why humanity seriously, will always be the guy that goes to shower, scrubbing that asshole until there is no more Irish Spring left. Fresh. Clean sheets. Ready to go to sleep.

The itch comes.

Can’t resist, and clean, so you complete the mission.

Why the fuck did you have go ahead and smell it? You know the waft is asshole is always going to be there. It sure to fuck is not smelling like new car upholstery is it?




Picnic and sammiches

The madness.

Mental Chisels

Three walking down the grass, just guys. The pool, the game, the asking can I talk to Theo?

Would that not be fucked, when you consider the facts.

How do you look at the face, and see the reaction, when they are saying what they need to say, how does the nerve need to be expressed, and then the daughter says the same thing.

Wow, when can you see the quit, and if you could you would see more than the quit, cause the quit is more than that, just think about it.

Then watch the fake reaction after the others have come into the reaction? Fucked, and yeah, it is more than fucking Greek…yeah, this is the madness, can you hear the crew in the back with the oars? Stroke, and run for the great bonny day, and from the right of your eye, see the look as they wonder what you type.

So be the SNL freak, the humor exists because it is real.

Look at your day today, and if it does not bring smile, a laugh, or a sigh, you have not lived it. Hit reset, watch the game play again…hit the button…it will happen…jokes.



Rolex Ark

Often, we recognize it, only as required. What happens when you require it, and are not recognized?



Sweet Buttertart


April 5, 2012 – fetaman candle Picasso mix


Shiny floors under your smooth pastry like heels

Clicking and clacking along the P.A.T.H

If only you knew how luscious your butter made me feel

Oh sweet buttertart, you make my heart do skipped beat math


I sought some air in the garden of concrete shadows and haste

Your scent tickled the nostrils and sent flatulent corporate dogs to bay

I wanted to leave creamy dragon paste on your face

Run along now little butter tart, this wolf will not bite you today


Sugary hips, gliding over the rack you dangle you hair off of

Internal filling, crème du fuqqin’ loveleh, so du fuqqin’ yummy song

Wanna have your poodle see the love dove?

Now there sexy buttertart, come see the magic chong…