Brinesanity – an abide jar, filled with all the fuqs given.



Holiday Inn Bowl, That One Cooze, "never will ones life be the same after their wives were bigger tramps than known..."

Really, there is douche.

Age is not indicative of maturity, or surety.

Hockey Rink Mesh Nipples (*HRMN, enhanced by genetic upbringing north of Barrie) are great, but you need some fibre behind the mesh.

The word “like” is annoying as fuck.

Do not use teeth as jagged erection killers, they are meant to be like the wire fingers of a head scratcher over the Barney colored shield of Popcanus Multiplegiverus.

Feet – wash them, one day they may be the ruin of a great dive. Seriously, the distance is cut in half when down on knees, do you think they won’t stink?





Not changed much, but we have still played.

9 years.



Fucking hell has poker ever changed…just not the same watching it on the screen.
The scams, the cheats, the bullshit AP/UB/FTP et al…just a cesspool.

Well fucking done, what a living…feed the sharks, and then cry about no limbs.

fuqtarded the whole lot of 'em, just can't beat the underground.

*abide fu*


You would not recall…

I believe I am an extraordinary piece of cheese, that has something very interesting to share, and some of that is going to come off as being a briney asshole.  Really, that is not part of the abider that I choose to create, so much as one that has manifested itself into my soul, making me, something more of a freak piece of cheese that speaks, than an inspirational thinker.

One’s only transgression is forsaking the name of teacher, for a label determining the outcast frivolity of who I am supposed to be, and what I am supposed to stand for as decreed by the masses of give a fuck that will exist, or even know when I am gone.

You too for that matter.

What the hell has it mattered really, other than to have done something that is known as different, that has lent it’s self inspired seed be sown with the selves of tomorrow reading this diatribe of complete and total shit.  Ramblings of a blog, of a cheeseman, sitting in the middle of fucking nowhere really, trying to see if a scream, a note, a memory is left behind of this person that once was.

Perhaps this is why we begin to sit in our own self designed cocoons, witling away at the wooden nipple that cradles the milk coming from the wires.  A womb like trance, asking for nothing more than a few Aeroflan points, and bacon.

Yeah, bacon.



Hi-def Pilgarlic Parents

Seriously – the ability to have a spectacle created changes from generation to generation.

The passing of time, so subtle an observance in the questing moments.  Each adding to a solid some of time.

She is so beautiful.  So filled with love.

Who says black & white photo’s tell a lesser tail?

Here are the parents that everyone every wanted. Pictures will tell “you” what you “want” to hear. Words, have made you think it is logical.




Fortuitous insanity

“The universe is mad, only if you are not insane, otherwise calamity is opportunity, and madness a friend.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                       2-17-2012, feta

laughing brinesanity




Must be friday…

…reflections.  Days gin bye, and buy, and eyes the boats that built ‘em.

Crazy is not a train, it is a molecule.  FU – brief description: fluorine is a Group 17 element within the phylum fuqu asstardus. Fluorine is the most electronegative and reactive of all elements, and can be tied to homoasshat syndrome often affiliated with leaving the trolling state, for the sanctuary of brown star jedi’s at 2maisplusduex.  It is a pale yellow, corrosive noxious gas, which reacts with practically all organic and inortardonic substances. Finely divided metalheads, Garth glasses, reefer ceramics, carbon Ho-ho’s, and even water burn in fluorine with a bright flame or a mailman who licks his lips and stairs at your mothers zipper when he delivers the flyers.  It is not uncommon to see this occur in trailer parks inNorth America, relative to population and the Salsa factor, known as “otherskin pigments servitude salsa” spelled incorrectly as yeah, whatever.

Element 115 is reported effective February 2004 following experiments carried out on a TTC subway car, that was once known to have transported Nicholas Cage, Jack Benny’s ghost, and a burrito, all on the quest to find the scissors that were left in a golden winged Trans Am.

This will include the solution makers of the future, and the probates of rep, a grand order that promises to never be the distributor of capital letters-they are too grand for that group that never buy catch up.

It is available everywhere, even when a hollowed dough wheel is cloaked in dried previously lving tissue, and excuse me as I kiss the sky, in homage to the koombuyyeah whale.

Nice watch.

Yeah, funny how it goes.

Two wheeled briefcases are for pussies.

Over the shoulder – whatever.

Rimowa, a land, not just a providence of pure purpose.





Brine Machine…the game is on…